Emmanuel Schools Foundation (ESF) has been involved in education since 1989 and in that time has established a significant track record of substantial educational improvement in Northern England.

Our schools provide exceptional opportunities for all young people, raising their aspirations, encouraging their talents, supporting their ambitions and developing their confidence. ESF believes this is the dream of every parent, the desire of every community and the right of all young people, regardless of their ability or background.

Attainment has been raised in a variety of challenging circumstances through different State-funded school models. Highly regarded by parents and significantly oversubscribed, our non-selective schools have proved to be catalysts for positive change within their local communities, setting high standards, stimulating the spread of excellence among neighbouring schools and even attracting inward investment.

Our early revival of traditional features of school life, including compulsory uniforms and leadership roles for senior students, has since been emulated by many schools across the UK.

The success of the schools is not measured in academic terms alone. Underpinning it is a non-denominational Christian ethos that informs our core values and is welcomed by families of all faiths and none; it guides our ambition to develop character in our young people. They are regularly reminded that, in an increasingly performance- and target-driven society, it is their own good character that counts and is of the highest value to them.

We recognise the innate value and potential in all our young people and always encourage them to do their best, whatever their ability or circumstances. This leads to each one having the opportunity to find their niche and to succeed.

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