Educating all students to achieve today and tomorrow in a global community and economy.

The business of teaching and learning is at the heart of Foundation’s schools. We want all of our young people and teachers to enjoy their teaching and learning experience and to be in classrooms which are exciting, inspiring and challenging places where progress is rapid and sustained. Whatever the age or ability of students, we believe that they are entitled to imaginative and authoritative teaching of the highest quality which is planned and delivered according to their individual needs. We expect excellence from staff and students alike and work hard to ensure that this is a reality.

High-quality continuing professional development (CPD) programmes are in place in each of our schools and these are planned and reviewed to respond to the particular requirements of each establishment and the staff who work there.

Best practice in teaching and learning is shared across all the schools, allowing the most effective innovations developed in one to be replicated elsewhere. Students benefit immensely from many shared activities between the schools, activities which offer a wide breadth of experience to our young people.

Each school is committed to providing all-ability, comprehensive education to students of all faiths and none, to students from vulnerable families and to those with special educational needs. There is a range of student interventions and enhancement programmes which aim to ensure that every student fulfils his or her true potential.

We expect our staff and students to prioritise the building of character, both as an end in itself and as a means to the achievement of academic excellence. Our Christian ethos provides a backdrop to day-to-day life and provides the foundation for all that we do, encouraging high standards of behaviour and creating a safe and secure environment where young people can thrive and feel valued, happy and confident.

Each school within the Foundation has a Teaching and Learning Policy, and links can be found on their websites.

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