The sponsorship of Christ’s College by Emmanuel Schools Foundation marked an exciting and important new chapter for both organisations.

Joining this strong regional Multi Academy Trust means that Christ’s College is now part of a group of six schools, each of which shares our biblical Christian ethos and each of which also has extraordinary features. 

Together with the Trust’s Support Services function (IT, Buildings, HR & Finance), Christ’s College has now gained access to resources and, where required, to specialist support that are of superb quality, depth and breadth. Over one and a half million pounds has been invested in the school to provide much improved facilities, including new science labs, engineering room, food technology room and upgraded classrooms.

Our mission is that Christ’s College will rapidly become a beacon of excellence in all aspects, and that it will give a sense of opportunity and aspiration for every child who attends this school. Pupils thrive academically and socially at Christ’s College as they are known by all the staff and are most of our class sizes are small. Behaviour is also a strength and pupils have a good attitude towards learning. Bullying is not tolerated in our school and any issues are dealt with immediately. But these things, although noble and vitally important, are not sufficient. 


We also want our children, from all faiths and none, to take opportunities to grapple with the ‘big questions’ of life; to have a deep awareness of the diverse cultures and beliefs within our society; to develop a clear understanding of their identity and purpose and to reflect thoughtfully on what they believe.  We encourage open minds and independent judgement and we seek to nurture the whole person in a supportive and caring environment where all people of different faiths and none are respected and valued, and where students develop not only academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually as well.


Rather than pursuing academic success as the ultimate objective, experience shows that it is as students are built up in their character and learn to conquer their fears within a supportive and caring environment, that they also flourish to their fullest potential.  This is wide ranging, personal to each child, and is certainly not limited to the traditional and more-easily measurable domains of the academic, sporting, practical and creative curricula – important though these are!


We want to equip our children to understand the world around them and how best to become its excellent stewards; to become confident young men and women of fine character who will use their gifts to serve others as inspiring leaders, dedicated employees, trusted friends and loving parents; citizens whose integrity, diligence and moral courage can make a vital difference in their communities and in our ever-changing modern world.  


We recognise that we can not achieve these aspirations for your son or daughter, unless we work in partnership with you as the parent.  We aim to continuously improve how we work with you as the parent and the communities that the school encompasses.


Mrs J Normanton

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